3rd gambling device selfie raider jailed

A 3rd member of a gang who photographed themselves after stealing thousands of pounds from gambling devices has been imprisoned.
Wayne Shiel, from Doncaster, 35, was imprisoned for 27 months at Bradford Crown Court after admitting conspiracy to steal at an earlier hearing.
He was part of a gang which took posturing and smiling selfies after the thefts. Find More Info on 2bet48.com here.
Benjamin Robinson, 30, and Daniel Hutchinson, 24, were sentenced earlier this month.
North Yorkshire Police said the guys wore balaclavas to camouflage themselves throughout the slot machine raids, which they carried out throughout the UK.
They were captured after police stopped their vehicle near Skipton in 2014 for speeding.
During a search of their Vauxhall Insignia, authorities discovered more than a thousand 1 coins and 2,000 in notes.

The day we beat the bookies: Industry hit for 25mn after Leicester's miracle league title

While fans, players, and those who bet on Leicester celebrate the British football group’s fairy tale Premier League victory, the biggest loser is the UK s gambling industry, which paid out a record-breaking 25 million (US$ 37 million).
There were no instantaneous millionaires, which might've been attained with a 200 bet, however those who had financial faith in the group with 5,000-to-1 chances at the start of the season might buy a new vehicle after putting simply a 2 bet.
We won’t understand up until completion of the how terribly this will impact gambling company coiffures, however given their multi-million pounds in yearly profits, they must be able to absorb the hit.
Leicester, owned by Thai billionaire VichaiSrivaddhanaprabha, were deemed helpless nine months back after the group came perilously near being demoted from the world's most rewarding football league last season.
In relative terms, bookmakers put the chances of Kim Kardashian ending up being US president at 2,000-to-1.
Skip to January and the bookmakers were panicking, ferreting out punters and motivating them to cash-out as a Leicester win started to look likely.
It is unknown precisely the number of individuals placed a bet on Leicester on top chances of 5,000-to-1, although Ladbrokes stated they took 47 bets at that cost, William Hill 25, and SkyBet 128.
Ladbrokes handled to convince majority of them to cash-out, a method utilized by bookies when they predict a huge loss.
The largest bet of 50 was settled in March for the amount of 72,000. A 20 bet was also settled at 29,000, jointly saving the company 245,000.
Some had more faith though and let the bookmakers suffer - like 20-year-old Karishma Kapoor who gathered 10,000 from a 2 bet.

Public to have another state on Hamilton's gambling policy

Hamilton City Council will start another round of public consultation on its gambling rules.

The Government needs the council to have policies controlling where pokies are located in the city, along with the location of stand-alone TAB places.

The policies have to be reviewed every three years.

The council has two gambling policies - the TAB board place policy and the Class 4 gambling venue policy (governing the location of pokies).
Both gambling policies were embraced by the council on April 28 but even more proposed modifications to the Class 4 gambling venue policy suggests the council has to carry out another round of public assessment.

Public examination on the two policies was kept in late 2015.

The new consultation duration will range from May 16 to June 17 and asks people: Do you concur with allowing poke machine operators that currently work within an allowed area to be able to relocate to an alternative location within the allowed area?
The modified Class 4 gambling place policy does not represent a sinking cover approach to gambling devices.

A hearing date to listen to submissions has actually not been set.

Councilor Andrew King opposed the changed Class 4 gambling venue policy, stating the council must stop poker machines from being moved from place to location.
" Gambling is a hazardous activity leisure occupation and the council for many years has actually pretended that they have a sinking lid policy, however you haven't," King stated.
" I'm not proposing for one minute that anybody who has poker machines on their premises lose the right to have them. They retain them ... as long as they want them however when they're completed with that location they don't sell them on for a revenue."
Councilor Dave Macpherson likewise voted against the changed Class 4 gambling venue policy, noting that recent figures from the Department of Internal Affairs revealed an enhanced invest in poker machines in the past monetary quarter.
Macpherson stated there was enough proof on the damage brought on by pokies to prompt councils nationwide to play more of a function in keeping a lid on them.
" The kind of lid that I 'd like to continue it is a real sinking cover," he said.
" We didn't know the harm that pokies would trigger when they were very first introduced, a couple of people did but very few, back in 1989 however the neighborhood certainly understands the harm now."
Macpherson, together with councilors Philip Yeung? and Martin Gallagher, voted in support of King's not successful change requesting for a sinking cover method to poke machines.
Hamilton Mayor Julie Hardaker? stated the council's evaluation of its gambling policies had been a long and intricate journey.
The council began its review in August, 2015.